Arrow Overview

In a nutshell

Based in Westchester County, New York, Belle Haven Investments is an independent, employee-owned money manager specializing in separately managed taxable and tax-exempt fixed income portfolios. Belle Haven has been managing portfolios since 2002. We are uniquely committed to serving Consultants and Advisors along with the Institutions, Foundations, Family Offices and High Net Worth individuals whom they represent. Our team's expertise and focus in one asset class have resulted in award-winning strategies.  Our goal is to provide an unrivaled level of service, reliability and customization to our Advisors in building what we hope are partnerships for years to come.

Arrow Philosophy

Low volatility should never mean low expectations

Our mission is simple: to be a best-in-class fixed income manager. This is not an easy task, but at Belle Haven we believe that by providing compelling risk-adjusted returns in combination with outstanding client service, we will accomplish this mission. Our investment philosophy is centered on the belief that active management can add value through security selection, credit research and a focus towards trade execution. Our goal is to ease reliance on interest rate forecasting or credit trends. Our active management seeks to reduce risk and enhance total return regardless of interest rate cycles or credit quality.

Arrow History

An institutional heritage supporting the educated advisor

While our money management dates back to 2002, Belle Haven can trace its history back to 1991 when we were founded as an institutional broker/dealer. In many respects, it is this background in institutional trading that has helped form our unique approach to portfolio management. We understand the advantages from an institutional perspective and we deploy those concepts in the strategies we manage. Our CEO and CIO, Matt Dalton, has been with Belle Haven since 1996 and has over 30 years of experience in the fixed income marketplace. Over the years, Matt has built a humble, dedicated and talented team of professionals, which truly form the foundation of our success.